RUSK Color Specialist is a fast-track-32 minute Crash-course. Be empowered to reimagine your canvas with high performance Haircolor with vast versatility. Everything you need in your color bar (that fits in any space) so you can have the freedom to create, risk-free!

- Learn the features, benefits, and hot tips to all things RUSK Color (Deepshine Permanent, Deepshine Gloss& Xpress, RUSKin10, Elimin8, Lighteners & NEW Color care!

- Gain confidence in formulation, covering gray and offering Express Color Services to cater to all.

-Short quizzes on each segment and receive a certificate upon completion to celebrate your commitment to your education! Once you receive your certificate, look out for an email for our RUSK COLOR DEEP DIVE PODCASTS!


Gina Bianca

Global Color Director, RUSK

With a remarkable track record as an international hair educator, color correction specialist, top-earning salon owner, and business/life coach, Gina Bianca is known as a true power player in the beauty industry. Lauded for her “honest, blunt, and comedic approach to education and empowerment,” Gina brings this uniquely candid advice directly to you in all of her education. Gina is deeply passionate about the transformation. Whether its your hair, life or business, Gina is passionate about helping her clients and students reach their goals.